Climate debate has always been political and un-scientific

Cairns News

Letter to the Editor

You want to know why “net zero” is utterly ridiculous? Because CO2 does not warm the planet.

Here’s how you can be sure.

CO2 absorbs outgoing longwave infrared radiation (heat) as photons at 14.8 microns frequency (Planck’s Law).

The temperature of absorption at 14.8 microns is -80 degrees Celsius (Wien’s Displacement Law).

Minus 80 degrees Celsius is 95 degrees lower than average surface temperature.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics shows heat doesn’t flow from cold zones to hotter zones.

CO2 cannot “trap heat.” It merely delays outgoing infrared photons momentarily so high up in the atmosphere it’s irrelevant.

Atmospheric CO2 is contingent upon seawater temperature (Henry’s Law).

Only the sun has the energy to heat 1.335 billion cubic kilometres of water.

To control Earth’s climate you must control the sun.

The “climate debate” is now and always has been political and anti-scientific.

Peter Campion


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