WA slimeocracy push mRNA jabs on school children, insult parents

Cairns News

Parents and supporters warn students at Margaret River against mass jabbing by corrupt, insane state officials. Picture: ABC

AMA vaccine pusher Mark Duncan-Smith insulted and defamed parents along with Education Minister Sue Ellery.

WEST Australian people are trying to stop corrupt and criminally negligent politicians and bureaucrats from pushing the dangerous mRNA vaccines on school children across the state.

These so-called government representatives and the WA branch of the Australian Medical Association are slandering the protesters (many of them parents) while ignoring the 83,000 thousand adverse reactions and 682 post-vaccination deaths up to November 25.

In places like Margaret River and Joondalup local people have come out to protest after discovering children were being taken to clinics for mass vaccination. There were concerns that parental consent was not gained.

But the typically crooked and compromised health and education bureaucrats and politicians have made sure the schools areā€¦

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