COVIDIOCY: Dictator Dan, media and Scomo play public for fools in political circus

Cairns News

COVID testing in Victoria Stick-up-the-nose testing is a disgusting, invasive, painful process and even a throat swab can lead some people like this unfortunate woman, to gag. – from Nine News

By Tony Mobilafonitis

VICTORIA’S Dictator Dan (Andrews) is playing the WHO scamdemic playbook to a “T”, aided and abetted by PM Scott Morrison and health departments who also follow the script from that corrupt money laundering operation run by that despicable, lying Ethiopian Marxist Tedros what’s-his-name. And WHO is basically bought and paid for by the reincarnated Dr Mengele, otherwise known as the cretinous eugenicist Bill Gates.

But social media and other online media are full of rebuttals and exposure of this statistical stupidity that should be an embarrassment for the media and government bit players. 7 News was caught out last weekend using footage from Italian hospitals to illustrate it’s breathless blathering about “overwhelmed Melbourne hospitals”. When Melbourne activist Graeme Little (nee…

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