‘Caring, sharing’ Ardern turns back on vaccine victims and grabs more power

Cairns News

Some of the protesters Jacinda Ardern and her corrupt cohort are running from.

From NZ Sources
NEW Zealand’s Covid dictator Jacinda Ardern doesn’t care if fellow Kiwis die from mRNA vaccines. The “compassionate” International Socialist and close friend of Bill and Melinda Gates and Hillary Clinton, is not listening to the family members of those who died or were seriously injured by vaccines because in the world of Ardern and her World Economic Forum handlers, such people don’t exist.

Like her fellow leftist totalitarian Dan Andrews of Victoria, Ardern also has the help of a largely adoring national and international media who ask softball questions and then run away to report her predictable responses and those of the corrupt, compromised health bureaucracy.

Also like Andrews, Ardern is grabbing more power for her ruling cabal, pushing through in a mere 24 hours legislation to override NZ’s Bill of Rights 1990 and…

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