Gunner running dirty, illegal military operation against NT indigenous peoples

Cairns News

Gunner went off his head when a reporter questioned the mandate push. “People are actually supporting the idea of a teacher being unvaccinated in a remote community classroom, with kids who cannot be vaccinated. I reject that utterly … Stuff it, shove it,” the lisping NT Covid dictator pouted. Below: Plastic covered goons visit an Aboriginal household whose members don’t seem too impressed. The ABC’s PR pic carefully avoids any suggestion of intimidation and physical force being used against these people.

NORTHERN Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner – stop your filthy pharma-funded war on the indigenous people of the territory you are supposed to be serving!

Once upon a time in the colonial yesteryear it was blackfella poisonings and forced family separations. But this time the poisoning it at the end of a needle, forcibly pumping a dangerous, half-proven mRNA concoction into their bodies in the name…

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