Australia and US will have dark winters

Cairns News

Letter to the Editor

Even the US Centre for Disease Control is going to pull the current RT-PCR test kits due by their own admission that the testing can not differentiate between Covid 19 or Influenza. This would mean that it cannot differentiate between Covid 19 and Delta either.
How these Fact checkers have it as false even though it’s right on the CDC site itself in black and white. This proves that Fact checkers do not actually know what they are fact checking.(who owns the fact checkers?)

I am sure there are many people believe that Kary Mullis’ death is very suspicious being the inventor of the RT-PCR tests a few months before Covid 19 hit Wuhan. If he was still alive Kary would have destroyed the Narrative from the first day.

Here is something that those who have taken the Experimental Gene Therapy inoculations now being classified…

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