Regulatory Capture Of The World

The Fascist New World Order

I’m going to try to provide further evidence about what Robert F Kennedy is saying here about regulatory capture, but anyone who’s put in more than a few minutes research knows the medical industry is hopelessly corrupt.

Here’s a section from one of the first peer reviewed scientific papers I looked at:

The new short-term carcinogenicity tests involved mice, which were genetically-manipulated by either introduction of genes associated with human cancer (known as oncogenes), or removal (‘knocking out’) of genes thought to suppress tumour development, known as tumour-suppressor genes (Tennant, 1996).

Scientists’ understanding of mechanistic routes of human carcinogenesis informed the types of genetic manipulation involved (2, see Interview Notes box).

The techno-scientific hypothesis underpinning the GEM tests was that tumour ‘initiation’ was built into genetically-engineered mice enabling carcinogenic effects to be detected much sooner than in ‘normal’ rodents because only later stages of…

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