People are awakening, politicians and bureaucrats are panicking

Cairns News

Thousands of protesters emerge from the Brisbane Botanical Gardens in defiance of “Premier Palace Duck’s” attempts to impose vaccine tyranny.

Placards (above and below) made the protest message crystal clear.

SUPPORT has surged across Australia and the globe in the fight for freedom against the Covid vaccine tyranny that has descended into the most appalling, insane bullying of the population by governments ever seen in the modern history of the nation.

Aussies across the board are waking up to the fact that sacking nurses, teachers, police and many other people on the basis of their choice not to take an experimental injection is pure evil driven by the total corruption of government at the highest levels.

But these same government and media entities are beating the drum over a gallows prop that was rolled up to the Melbourne protest during the week and then some unnamed man…

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