Melbourne Ralley 500,000 voice Anti-Vaxers message to agenda-driven duopoly parliaments

Cairns News

A staggering half million people hit the streets of Melbourne on Saturday voicing mass oppose to COVID-19 vaccines, mandates and the state’s proposed dictatorial pandemic laws now crippled in the Victorian upper house this week.

If this indicates the people vote against the established duopoly dictating governments, it is at last GAME OVER for the corrupt ruling ALP/LNP and GREENS.

That silent majority supporting duopoly governments are emerging from party faithful now exercising their dormant ability taking on board factual information in lieu of political spin doctors instructions.

Outnumbered police remained static, made no arrests, and what started as a peaceful demonstration remained.

As people power persistent protests numbers increase, the Australian duopoly governments political agenda-driven seige of Australia continues, this nation will say “enough is enough”.

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