US reader says nationwide protests will be toothless – no guns left

Cairns News

Letter to the Editor

The beginning of the end for Australian patriots was turning in privately owned firearms.

Your planned nationwide protests this Saturday will be all but toothless.

I am an American Christian man and patriot.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is as much or more about what he did, as it is about what he used.     Totalitarianism requires a disarmed populace.

If Christian America falls, the Earth is doomed.


Leonard R. Schmidt     

Nevada, USA

Editor: There are plenty of guns left in private hands, albeit some of them inadequate for an armed insurrection. Compromised former Liberal PM John Howard oversaw the amnesty in 1996 after the Port Arthur, government orchestrated gun massacre psy-ops. Hopefully he will be dealt with by the people before he karks it.

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