Dan’s PR ponces panic as gallows sends message to a dictator in denial

Cairns News

The gallows that arrived outside Victoria’s Parliament on Monday night.

The moment that brought cheers.

DICTATOR Dan’s loyal Labor minions and professional Tweeting twerps think they are seizing the high moral ground by making a song and dance about protesters using gallows as props during the biggest anti-Andrews demonstration yet.

And more demonstrations are happening this weekend in all major Australian cities.

The first prop they started to howl about was a scaled-down gallows on wheels used at last Saturday’s huge demonstration in Melbourne. The paid-for Andrews cheer squad, led by one “@PRGuy” and @DiscoDan sprung into action, creating a #QanonCult hashtag linked to the gallows photos to keep the Twitter twits occupied.

This was the Aussie version of “the January 6, Washington DC Insurrection” they screamed. It was a “shocking culture of right wing extremism and violence” they declared, conveniently forgetting Andrews’ armed riot squad shooting…

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