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NovSemobe4r2oi04 3111 5at 5:0m29 0dPM  · MIDWEEK MESSAGE4th November 2021This week another humiliating blow was dealt to the unvaccinated in NSW when Premier Dominic Perrottet extended their lockdown to December 15th or 95% FV. While some might say “it’s only two weeks” many have found it to be a cruel psychological blow and see it nothing more than punishment for non compliance. The premier said it was to “incentivise” people to get vaccinated, in reality it is coercion.Sadly, not only has the government betrayed and mistreated its people yet again but the institutional church’s leadership has been silent while the abuse continues.In this message I want to investigate these failures and betrayals of the government and church leadership and what possible righteous courses of action may be before us.COMMON MISCONCEPTIONSBefore I get started I would like to deal with a common misunderstanding of scripture, in particular, Romans Chapter 13.On the basis of this portion of scripture, many Christians believe that we must obey the government no matter what because they are instituted by God. The reality, however, is that the government is meant to uphold that which is righteous and good in the eyes of God, to reward those who do good and punish that which is evil. When that is out of order, there is no longer any obligation to comply. Throughout scripture there are many examples of righteous men and women who defied decrees by the governments of their day. (Dan 3, 6:10 Acts 4:18, Heb 11:31).Another misconception is that we are not to criticise leadership. On the contrary, the bible calls Christians to “expose the fruitless deeds of darkness” (Eph 5:11) and hold those to account who claim to be Christian but are hypocrites. (1Cor 5:12). Further we are told to identify the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” by the “fruit” of their lives. (Matt 7:15-20) THE GOVERNMENT IS OUT OF CONTROL”In Australia we no longer have a democracy, we have an elected dictatorship. We elect a political party one day every three years and the rest of the time, it dictates to us.” — Sir Marcus Oliphant, Governor of SA from 1971-1976.These words have never proven so true as today. Thank God we have a federal election just around the corner and thank God for the emergence of a number of new political parties and candidates who are boldly speaking out against the tyranny of our state and federal leaders.Both major parties have clearly demonstrated to us that they do not care about violating our human rights, or disregarding the Constitution and usurping authority under the guise of trying to “protect” us. Their lies, deception, overreach and bullying have plumbed a depth never seen before. Both major parties have betrayed the people of Australia. I hope we never forget the images of Daniel Andrew’s goon squad clubbing protesters and firing upon them with rubber bullets and pepper spray, or Anastasia Palecek denying families from being with their dying loved ones while football players were free to come and go. I hope we never forget PM Morrison’s lies and deception as his “non mandatory” vaccinations were forced upon us at threat of losing jobs, businesses, homes and families while he was hobnobbing with and selling us out to his New World Order buddies.THE REMEDYWe need to remember these things when it comes time to vote and make sure that we send a clear message to these tyrants. The only way to effectively do this is to vote for minor parties who are committed to rolling back the abuse of power and who stand against selling us out to the globalists.I will not suggest which party or individuals to support, that is your call but a party who preferences Liberal/National and Labor/Greens dead last would be a very good place to start.THE FAILURE OF DENOMINATIONAL LEADERS.It is right that we should have high expectations of those in church leadership. Particularly at denominational levels. It is proper for us to expect influential ministers to speak up and speak out against injustice.When things are so blatantly out of order we should hear clear warning from the pulpit but we are hearing as good as nothing.A QUESTION OF MORALITY AND CONSCIENCEChristian leaders should be vocal about the fact that there are moral issues associated with the vaccines. It is a fact that aborted baby cells have been used in the development and testing of the Covid 19 vaccines. Please note, that I am not saying that the vaccines “contain” aborted baby cells – but – foetal cell lines were definitely used in development and testing.…/pfizer-downplays-covid…/Those who have no issue with this will explain to you that it is an immortal line of cells originally taken from an aborted baby in the 1970s or thereabouts and so it doesn’t really matter. However, those who do have issue with benefiting from the death of the innocent have a very valid argument that should be respected.This is an incredibly important facet of the Christian faith referred to as the “liberty of the conscience”. It is so important that God inspired the Apostle Paul to write clearly about it in the 14th chapter of the epistle to the Romans. The bible clearly tells us that if our conscience prohibits us from doing something, then to us that is a sin. Further, we are taught that we have no right to judge another’s conscience or force someone to violate theirs. This is where we get the concept of “conscientious objection”.For this reason alone, our denominational leaders should be leaning strongly on our government to grant religious exemption with regard to the Covid 19 vaccination however, they are silent and I find this inexcusable.A further warning that should be coming from our religious leaders is about the vaccination passport and the exclusion of the unvaccinated from “participating in the economy”. Christian leaders, more than anyone else, should be familiar with scriptures regarding the anti-Christ and the “mark of the beast”. (Revelation 13). We are moving in a direction where the framework for this evil, totalitarian, world government system is being constructed before our eyes and there is not a word of warning or caution. This is clearly a dereliction of duty. (Eze 33:1-7). Vaccine related deaths and side effects are another thing that our religious leaders should not be ignoring. The mainstream media and the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (Ahpra) are doing everything they can to keep a lid on things but the fact is that the vax is causing serious side effects and even death in some cases. Just this week over 4,000 health workers in Qld have been suspended for not taking the jab. Please tell me, what are they seeing that has influenced them to surrender their vocation rather than comply? There is certainly more to this than meets the eye and religious leaders have a moral obligation to sound clear warning when people’s lives and welfare are potentially at risk. SO WHY ARE OUR DENOMINATIONAL LEADERS SILENT?As sad as it is to say, it appears that our denominational heads have sold us out to aid and abet the government in their Covid 19 vaccination rollout. As you will shortly see, there is a massive amount of government money up for grabs and so called Christian charities are lining up for it.Jesus said you cannot serve two masters because you will end up loving one and despising the other (Matt 6:24) and here within lies the truth. How can our religious leaders lick the government’s hand like a good dog for the grants yet remain loyal to Jesus Christ and His Word? The answer is “they can’t”.Almost every major denomination has ignored God’s Word relative to the liberty of the conscience and have hung their constituents out to dry. Please don’t expect them to help because they won’t. They are after the money instead and helping the conscience stricken believer will cost them. LET ME SHOW YOU THE 30 PIECES OF SILVERA number of Christian denominations and organisations banded together to form a coalition called Micah Australia. If you have a look at their website, you will see who forms the coalition. . Amongst others you will find organisations belonging to Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Uniting, Salvos, and ACC International Relief.No big deal so far but Micah Australia is 100% for Covid 19 vaccination. Further to that, Micah Australia, along with two other groups initiated “End Covid For All” which is a coalition who want to jab the entire world. Now, while this might seem like a wonderful idea to some, please don’t expect any help from the denominations involved if you have a conscientious objection to the Covid 19 vax. To see if your denomination is involved, check the link here: we find the Catholics, Anglicans, Baptists, Australian Christian Churches, Hillsong, Uniting, Lutheran and a host of others. It is a veritable who’s who of charities and churches that collectively receive hundreds of millions of dollars annually in government grants and tax breaks.At the bottom of the page you will find a link to their “full report” and their “recommendations to the Australian Government”. It is a 55 page document entitled “Shot of Hope” On page 7 of the report we read: “A coalition of experts call on the Australian Government to increase its support to the global challenge of ending COVID-19 for all by committing $50 million to addressing vaccine hesitancy”.On page 20 we read “Misinformation has contributed to vaccine hesitancy, particularly through social media and word of mouth. Conspiracy theories and rumours have mostly centered around vaccine safety, such the COVID-19 vaccines containing micro-chips, the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines being capable of altering peoples DNA, or potential impacts on fertility.On Page 21 we read ” Furthermore, World Vision has done barrier analysis in six countries (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Kenya, Tanzania, and DRC) which suggests that endorsement of vaccination by religious and community leaders is a critical ingredient in community acceptance and uptake”.So, all these major denominations have got their hand out for a piece of $50 million to help address vaccine hesitancy. They dismiss vaccine safety as rumour and want religious leaders to push the jab. Perhaps this is why so many pastors are jab happy. THE CHRISTIAN WITH A CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION HAS BEEN SOLD OUT.Do you know what? I feel the unvaccinated have been totally sold out by the very people who should be putting pressure on the government to allow religious exemption because of the liberty of the conscience. These denominational leaders should know better but you can’t afford to rock the boat when you are on the receiving end of very large amounts of money.THE HYPOCRISY OF IT ALLThe churches and organisations involved in these initiatives make bold claims about being for justice, giving a powerful voice to the poor, vulnerable and oppressed yet they turn a blind eye to those our government are oppressing and forcing into poverty. They refuse to speak up for those whose conscience prohibits them from being defiled with the Covid Vax, they are not a powerful voice for those in need, they are a powerful voice for their own ends.WHAT TO DO?Just as we need to send a clear message to our politicians at the federal election, we need to do the same with our religious leaders.Perhaps it is time to withhold attendance and finance from churches that are blindly toeing the government line and encouraging their congregants to do the same.If your church has stood idly by while your rights have been trampled then perhaps it is time to leave. If your minister simply wants to “obey the government” because of some warped interpretation of Romans 13 then perhaps it’s time to leave. If your denomination is not prepared to stand up and speak up for the new underclass that is being created then again, perhaps it is time to leave. Let me be clear, God is not found in buildings with stained glass windows or modern entertainment centre style facilities. Jesus Christ is found in the hearts of those who love Him and follow His example. So, I would rather meet and take communion with a few faithful believers in a private home than be part of a rotted corpse that pretends to be the Body of Christ.These are hard words, but these are now hard times and we, the Church, have a right to expect better of our leaders who claim to represent Jesus, religious and political alike.CONCLUSIONOur government and church leaders have truly failed us. It is proper that we pray for them as the scriptures call us to (1Tim2:1-2) but it is also proper that we identify and expose that which is blatantly wrong. If we fail to do that, then we fail too and in this case, the price of failure is too great for that to be an option.Grace and peace to you,

Bob & Angie.

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