Family history from 1735

Aanon Aanonsen 1735-1806 Lunden -Liene married Johanne Tellefsdatter Norholm 1749-1795

Children:Maren 15/1/1769 -1871-Kirstine 11/11/1771-1/2/1848 – Aanon1774-1774- Aanon 23/9/1775-1848- Lille 17/4/1778-Tellef29/12/1780-1817- Nils 2/2/1784-1861- Johanne 4/1/1787-Gunder 1792-

Maren Kirstine Aanonsdatter Liene 1771 married Jonas Halvorsen Vatne (1753-1828) 10/10/1793

Children Maren 26/8/1794-30/7/1871- Johanne 4/12/1796-6/11/1822 Halvor20/8/1799 -6/2/1822-Aanon 27/7/1802-19/1/1871- Elen 7/5/1805-6/1/1822 (the 3 who died on the 6/1/1822 drowned on the way home from church in Grimmevannt Lake) Christian Jonassen Vatne- Torp 13/5/1808 -27/8/1871– Johanne 14/2/1812-18/4/1889.

Christian Jonassen Vatne-Torp married Maren Kirstine Aanonsdatter Tjore (his cousin 24/10/1811-10/6/1850) on the 15/7/1836

Children Kirstine Christiansdatter-Torp 3/7/1837-9/71869- Jonas Christiansen -Torp 27/12/1840-10/3/1881- Helene Christiansdatter -Torp 27/11/1843-22/61858-Johanne Christiansen-Torp 27/9/1846-1/5/1884

Christian Jonassen Vatne-Torp 2nd marriage- married Gunhilde Johanne Knudsdatter Midstu (b 29/3/1832-30/9/1872) on the 24/2/1854

Children: Mathias b12/2/1855-21/3/1856-Maren 8/2/1857 – 29/5/1860-Karl Johan 20/12/1860 -28/8/1940 “Holmwood’ NSW Australia -Ane 2/9/1863-13/5/1930 Seattle USA- Mathias 26/2/1867- 30/12 1896 “Snohammer” Landvik -Typhoid fever-one month before his son was born

Grimstad Norway
Landvik church -family place of worship
Vatne Norway

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I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

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