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Flat White -The Spectator

Flat White The Spectator Australia 15 May 2022 Freedom marches popped up across Australia in capital cities ahead of next week’s federal election. The messages written on their banners, shirts, and flags could not be more clear: ‘Sack them all!’ and ‘Freedom!’ Labor, Liberal, the Greens, and the Teals want Australia to believe that theContinue reading “Flat White -The Spectator”


Culture Begetting Politics, Politics Begetting Culture 14th May 2022 Comments (5) Peter Smith Frequent contributor What happens if Climate 200 candidates knock of Tim Wilson, Dave Sharma, Trent Zimmerman, Josh Frydenberg and/or other so-called moderates? Yes, the election will be lost but it’s probably lost anyway, unless the pollsters are completely off track; which onContinue reading “QED”


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