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Scamdemic – Corona Virus

The Emergency Must Be Ended, Now January 24, 2022Algora BlogLeave a comment Spread the Word Op-ed authored by Harvey Risch, Paul E. Alexander and Jay Bhattacharya via The Epoch Times via Brownstone Institute The time has come to terminate the pandemic state of emergency. It’s time to end the controls, the closures, the restrictions, theContinue reading Scamdemic – Corona Virus

Arrest warrants

Arrest warrants for Scott Morrison and the Premiers and other government officials have now been served on NSW police. Now it gets real. Well done to all the ‘conspiracy theorists’. I hope that all can understand the significance of what occurred today in NSW and soon other states and territories.Today WE THE PEOPLE successfully servedContinue reading “Arrest warrants”


The Fallacy of Presentism in History 18th January 2022 Comments (5) John A. Moses Having been educated as a historian to “look over the fence” into the backyards of neighbouring countries, I confess to a certain exasperation with those colleagues who write about Australasian military or diplomatic history without adequately trying to assess the aimsContinue reading “History”


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