Noel Pearson’s ‘Nations’ and the Nightmare at Aurukun

11th July 2022 Comments (14) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant Today more than 300 residents of the normally 1200 individuals who live in Aurukun have fled the community. This exodus began in early January due to an alleged murder on New Year’s Day, and the destruction of properties by fire and riots. Many of theContinue reading “Noel Pearson’s ‘Nations’ and the Nightmare at Aurukun”

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Labor: your kids belong to us James Macpherson Getty Images James Macpherson 8 July 2022 1:40 PM The Australian Labor Party believes that children belong to the State. Parents are mere babysitters. Think I’m exaggerating?  The Victorian government’s LGBTQ+ Student Support Policy, under the heading ‘Parental Consent’, reads… There may be circumstances in which students wishContinue reading Flat White

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Prince Charles’ ‘Great Reset’ Flat White Screenshot Flat White 11 July 2022 6:00 AM It’s a conspiracy, until it isn’t. There are those that claim to be ‘serious’ journalists who continue to insist that this ‘Great Reset nonsense’ doing the rounds on social media is just that – conspiracy hype. To be fair, theContinue reading “Flat White”


German industry is grinding to a halt Matthew Lynn (Getty) Matthew Lynn 4 July 2022 10:45 PM The Soviet Union had only just collapsed. John Major was still a relatively fresh-faced Prime Minister. And the internet consisted of a few desktop computers linking together a handful of laboratories. The world was a very different placeContinue reading World

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Australia’s true ‘voiceless’ Paul Collits Getty Images Paul Collits 7 July 2022 10:00 AM The Aboriginal bureaucracy, and possibly some Indigenous people themselves, have been agitating for a ‘Voice’. Surprisingly, these advocates think that having their own ‘Voice to Parliament’ – whatever this might actually mean – will improve their lot. They make two errors.Continue reading Flat White