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Dick Roberts

“Left to the Pen” Written by Dick Roberts The creeks start to churn, As the seasons they turn, A reminder of yesterday’s past. When the bullock’s still roamed, And the bushmen called home, A place that once was so vast. It’s where the candle bark falls, And Mountain Ash grows tall, A place forgotten andContinue reading Dick Roberts

·”We Were One”

Written by Dick RobertsWe were one,And we were many,And from all the lands on earth we’d come.We shared a dreamAnd sung with one voice.I am, you are,We were Australian.But now we’re many,And no longer are we oneA fractured society,Sadly we’ve become.We no longer share a dream.And no longer sing with one voice.We once,Were all Australians.FromContinue reading “·”We Were One””

Shining star’: Tributes flow for Judith Durham following her death aged 79

·It is with overwhelming sadness that Musicoast Pty. Ltd. and Universal Music Australia announces the death of international music legend Judith Durham, aged 79. After a brief stay in the Alfred Hospital, Judith was admitted to Palliative Care on Friday 5 August, where she passed away peacefully that evening. Her death was a result ofContinue reading “Shining star’: Tributes flow for Judith Durham following her death aged 79”


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