Eat beef, save the planet

Ian Plimer The Spectator Australia 13 August 2022 Yet again, farmers are under attack. This time, it is the beef industry because, apparently, cattle burp and fart out methane and we’ll all fry-and-die because of the accelerated global warming produced by this methane. Is this fact or fiction? In my field of science, we oftenContinue reading “Eat beef, save the planet”

Teaching suffers for a generation of ideological hijack

Angela Shanahan The Australian August 13, 2022 There was a meeting on Friday of all the education ministers, to try to work out some way of overcoming the appalling problems that beset our education system. Good luck with that. It has taken more than a generation to come to where Australian children are struggling withContinue reading “Teaching suffers for a generation of ideological hijack”


A Nation for a Continent and a Continent for a Nation 14th August 2022 Comments (1) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant One of the major arguments for the creation of the Australian nation in 1901 was that it would produce something unique in the world, what our first Commonwealth Prime Minister Edmund Barton called: “aContinue reading “Aborigines”

Doomed Planet

A clear case of hot, hotter … hoodwinked Tony Thomas14th August 2022 Australia’s climate alarmists are having a terrible month. Green/Left worrywarts such as the Australian Academy of Science are struggling to cope with the Great Barrier Reef enjoying the largest area of coral cover ever recorded. That’s after the Academy’s doom-crying since 2012, whichContinue reading “Doomed Planet”

The Albanese Amendment ensures a voice will be a disaster

Janet Albrechtsen The Australian August 13, 2022 At a philosophical and principled level, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voice is illiberal, divisive and inequitable. It creates permanent race-based privilege and turns Australia into a constitutionally endorsed two-tier society. Now that the Prime Minister has revealed the words proposed to be inserted into the ConstitutionContinue reading “The Albanese Amendment ensures a voice will be a disaster”

Labor PMs in search of their own ‘Whitlam moment’ do us all a disservice

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price The Australian August 13, 2022 Every Labor prime minister after Gough Whitlam wanted their very own “Whitlam moment”. When I see the photo of Whitlam towering over Vincent Lingiari, pouring sand into his hands, I think of what the sand symbolises. It symbolises welfare dependency, unlimited access to all that is destructiveContinue reading “Labor PMs in search of their own ‘Whitlam moment’ do us all a disservice”

Sophie Elsworth, James Madden The Australian August 9, 2022

Woke columnist Peter FitzSimons bombarded Jacinta Nampijinpa Price with a series of late-night text messages making legal threats against the Indigenous senator, ­insisting her account of an interview, in which she felt bullied and berated by him, was “nonsense” and should be retracted. Senator Price says FitzSimons, a republican and author of popular history, “bullied”Continue reading “Sophie Elsworth, James Madden The Australian August 9, 2022”


Such a Team! What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 4th August 2022 Comments (13) Burchell Wilson Up until this point I’ve reserved judgment on the Albanese government, largely out of a lack of real interest in the intellectual squalor of Australian public life but also because the Morrison government buried us under a mountain of debtContinue reading “QED”

Features Australia

Undoing Australia The University of Melbourne is training revolutionaries to dismantle the nation Brianna McKee [Getty Images] Brianna McKee 6 August 2022 9:00 AM Back in 2017, the University of Sydney launched a campaign to ‘unlearn’ education. In 2022, the University of Melbourne upped the ante by launching a campaign to unlearn the entire nation.Continue reading Features Australia

Kevin Donnelly The Australian August 6, 2022

After reading The Official Politically Correct Dictionary and Guide in the early 1990s, I never realised how infectious, dangerous and widespread political correctness would become. Most of the examples back then were humorous and appeared far-fetched with constructs such as vertically challenged instead of small and chemically inconvenienced for being drunk. Fast forward to moreContinue reading “Kevin Donnelly The Australian August 6, 2022”

Our political class is ridiculous – and terrifying

Chris Kenny The Australian August 6, 2022 For a moment there, one of the teals could have destroyed the planet. Imagine Earth, the only planet known to sustain life, obliterated by a neophyte politician elected on a promise to save it. Simon Holmes a Court would have been asking for a refund. Voters in someContinue reading “Our political class is ridiculous – and terrifying”

Overpaid woke jobs must be first for the chop

Claire Lehmann The Australian August 5, 2022 Jim Chalmers can reduce excess spending within the federal budget by slashing the amount of public money that is spent on woke jobs. As of this week, there are more than 17,000 jobs listed for diversity and inclusion officers on the job-listing website Seek. Many of these jobsContinue reading “Overpaid woke jobs must be first for the chop”

Flat White

The Guardian slumps to the Left Flat White Pexels Flat White 1 August 2022 7:00 AM Oh no… Woke flagship publication The Guardian (that doubles as a slightly-deflated life-raft for perpetually offended social justice warriors) has reported a ‘slump’ in profits for the last 12 months. The Guardian reported an 80 per cent reduction since 2021, with a profitContinue reading Flat White