The Networks That Snared George Pell

1st September 2019 Comments (7) Paul Collits As Cardinal Pell prepares his next and final legal move – an appeal to the High Court – from the discomfort of solitary confinement, amid growing alarm at the rejection of his appeal by a majority of Judges sitting as the Victorian Court of Appeal, much of theContinue reading “The Networks That Snared George Pell”

Why the Second Jury Found George Pell Guilty

13th May 2019 Comments (11) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant Why was the second verdict by the jury in the trials of George Pell so different from the first? If the juries in both cases were a fair sample of the Australian public, and the evidence heard by both juries was identical, you would expectContinue reading “Why the Second Jury Found George Pell Guilty”

When the Barely Possible Counts Against You

24th August 2019 Comments (23) Peter Smith Frequent contributor It is possible that, decades ago, I did poorly executed cartwheels in the altogether around a school swimming pool without any teacher or pool attendant noticing. Well, one complainant, now in adulthood, says I did. For the avoidance of doubt, I protest my innocence of thisContinue reading “When the Barely Possible Counts Against You”

Double Standards in the Court of Appeal

26th August 2019 Comments (23) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant To support their case for rejecting the appeal of Cardinal George Pell against his conviction for sexual abuse of two choirboys in 1996, two of the Victorian appeal court judges, Chief Justice Anne Ferguson and President of the Court of Appeal Chris Maxwell, reject theContinue reading “Double Standards in the Court of Appeal”

The Scapegoating of Cardinal Pell

26th June 2020 Joel Hodge n the most contentious criminal matter in Australia in decades, the full bench of the High Court of Australia unanimously acquitted Cardinal George Pell of five charges of child sexual assault. With this unanimous acquittal, questions about Pell’s case now turn towards those who prosecuted and supported the case againstContinue reading “The Scapegoating of Cardinal Pell”

Between the Lines: Decoding Witness ‘J’

5th June 2020 Comments (21) Peter West In a long interview with Sky News after Cardinal Pell’s acquittal by the High Court, Fr Frank Brennan SJ, who had always expressed skepticism of the original verdict, went over the reasons for the paramount decision. But right at the end, he added …And let’s, above all, spareContinue reading “Between the Lines: Decoding Witness ‘J’”

The Social Media Witch-Hunt for George Pell

The Social Media Witch-Hunt for George Pell 6th May 2019 Comments (0) Chris S. Friel Vivian Waller is the principal lawyer at Waller Legal, a Melbourne-based firm she set up in 2007 that specialises in winning compensation for historic cases of sexual abuse against the Catholic Church. In 2018 Waller represented the complainant in aContinue reading “The Social Media Witch-Hunt for George Pell”

Nihilism and National Security

Mervyn Bendle A spectre is haunting Western societies, and it’s not just Chinese imperialism. It’s the spectre of Nihilism, permeating every corner of our intellectual and moral culture, and critically weakening our capacity to defend ourselves. At a time when sharply increasing international tensions are prompting an unprecedented increase in defence spending to counter externalContinue reading “Nihilism and National Security”

The Unrecognised Gift of Good Fathering

6th September 2020 Comments (6) John Anderson Until the day I left home to get married, I’d hear my father occasionally yell out in the dead of night, “get down, you fool! Get down!” He was reliving the first light of dawn of the second morning of the Battle of El Alamein, Montgomery’s great pushContinue reading “The Unrecognised Gift of Good Fathering”

The Life and Times of Henry Lawson

 Portrait of Lawson by John Longstaff, 1900, Art Gallery of New South Wales Waratah And Wattle Though poor and in trouble I wander alone,With rebel cockade in my hat,Though friends may desert me, and kindred disown,My country will never do that!You may sing of the Shamrock, the Thistle, the rose,Or the three in a bunch,Continue reading “The Life and Times of Henry Lawson”