In Virus Veritas

26th September 2021 Comments (32) Peter Smith Frequent contributor This virus has sickened and often times killed the old and vulnerable. That is the least of what it has delivered. It has delivered despotism, police brutality, journalistic delinquency, and lies, deceptions and misinformation; and, most depressingly, the truth about the parlous state of our civilisation.Continue reading “In Virus Veritas”

The Bible, Social Justice and the Poor

26th September 2021 Comments (3) Andrew Lansdown “Social justice” was traditionally the rallying cry of the politically Left and the theologically liberal. But in recent years it has been increasingly taken up by evangelical, conservative and Bible-believing Christians; and it is increasingly drawing these Christians into the folds of left-wing politics and liberal theology. TheContinue reading “The Bible, Social Justice and the Poor”

Australia- -Land of Milk and Honey

MY Country Australia is a great country or the Australia of my youth was- Australians are laid back, welcoming to anyone and a place at the table was always found for those who dropped in to say hello-social occasions were mainly in house –people, family and friends would come for a visit and you wereContinue reading “Australia- -Land of Milk and Honey”

The Left and the Decline of the Moral Community

19th September 2021 Comments (4) Paul Sturdee With the continuing rise of woke progressivism, Western culture and civilisation are regressing to an earlier age. The celebration of amorality and barbarism signals the imminent loss of the moral community. That much is now clear. In the UK, for example, the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square inContinue reading “The Left and the Decline of the Moral Community”

Resisting Euthanasia’s Culture of Death

19th September 2021 Comments (16) Paul Collits A tsunami of culture-of-death legislation is rolling across the increasingly unfruited plain that is modern-day Australia. Parliament by parliament, our elected representatives have massively expanded the “Overton Window”—the range of policies which the electorate can be persuaded to accept—in relation to issues concerning the ethics of the takingContinue reading “Resisting Euthanasia’s Culture of Death”

Our Gaslighting Gauleiters

13th September 2021 Comments (15) Peter Smith Frequent contributor Not making it up, Robert Gottliebsen in Friday’s Australian (paywalled): “Those without a vaccination certificate will be seen as walking timebombs to be avoided by the vaccinated.”Then there’sPrue MacSween expressing discomfort on Sky News on Thursday evening about sitting on a plane next to an unvaccinatedContinue reading “Our Gaslighting Gauleiters”

Joe Biden’s Pox Americana

10th September 2021 Comments (4) Antony Carr I was wondering how long it would take for American commentators to come up with semi-plausible reasons for continuing to support a President who has overseen the most comprehensive and humiliating defeat in US history. Until recently we’ve had to be content with the usual blather from theContinue reading “Joe Biden’s Pox Americana”

What Does The TGA Think It’s Doing?

11th September 2021 Comments (11) Gilbert Berdine You have to wonder what is going on at the Therapeutic Goods Administration, whence bizarre edicts are emerging in recent profusion. Take ivermectin, for instance, which a goodly body of evidence and opinion asserts is useful in preventing and treating COVID-19 infections. Last month, Health Minister Greg HuntContinue reading “What Does The TGA Think It’s Doing?”