A Class Act Expelled From School 19th November 2021 Comments (28) A Victorian Teacher Dear Principal,I just read your email, resulting from the Premier’s announcement today. It saddens me greatly to have to inform you that under no circumstances will I participate in what is essentially a global health experiment. You are probably well awareContinue reading “Covidiocy”


The Left’s Long Creep Through the Schools 22nd November 2021 Comments (9) Kevin Donnelly Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhereThe ceremony of innocence is drowned;The best lack all conviction, while the worstAre full of passionate intensity.                      —W.B. Yeats, “The Second Coming” InContinue reading “Education”

History Wars

Left dictates history curriculum 1st June 2010 Comments (0) Kevin Donnelly At The Drum Kevin Donnelly explores the Left’s new national history curriculum:  Julia Gillard, the Commonwealth Minister for Education, and Stuart Macintyre, an academic from the University of Melbourne, argue that the new national history curriculum is balanced and that critics are wrong toContinue reading “History Wars”

History Wars

Stuart Macintyre and the Blainey Affair 24th November 2021 Comments (0) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant The obits for Melbourne University’s Stuart Macintyre, dead at 74, will be replete with paeans for his role in shaping the history curriculum taught in Australian schools. Less noted, and certainly not critically, will be his Marxist adherence toContinue reading “History Wars”

The Lefts War on Faith

Mervyn Bendle Culture at the Heart: Western Civilisation is in crisis, and at the heart of the crisis is culture. And yet (with the honourable exception of Quadrant and, to a lesser extent the IPA and CIS) the cultural field has largely been vacated by liberals and conservatives, or at least by their political representatives.Continue reading “The Lefts War on Faith”


COVID Statistics by Dummies for Dummies 25th October 2021 Comments (16) Peter Smith Frequent contributor Statistics should be kept out of bounds to non-statisticians; most particularly, right now, to medical researchers and epidemiologists. I say this because of the statistical garbage they’re cobbling together and feeding to the gullible press. Incidentally, this is no disrespectContinue reading “QED”

Build Those Pyres, It’s Persecution Time

15th November 2021 Comments (12) Peter Smith Frequent contributor Influenced perhaps by the authoritarian regime in Singapore and a nonsensical paper by a couple of public-square wannabes in the part-publicly-funded The Conversation (upon which more below), Bob Carr apparently believes that those unvaccinated who catch a serious case of the dreaded virus should pay forContinue reading “Build Those Pyres, It’s Persecution Time”

The Commissioner and the Choirboy

14th November 2021 Comments (35) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant The anonymous former choirboy, Witness J, who falsely accused Cardinal George Pell of sexually abusing him in the sacristy of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, after Mass on a Sunday morning in December 1996, has now made some revelations of his own that shed new lightContinue reading “The Commissioner and the Choirboy”

Doomed Planet

Eureka! They Have Clowned It 23rd October 2021 Comments (5) Vic Jurskis Three centuries before Christ, Archimedes jumped out of a bath and ran naked through the streets of Syracuse shouting “Eureka!”. That’s Greek for “I have found it”. What he found was a scientific method to expose a counterfeit ‘gold’ crown. Well now weContinue reading “Doomed Planet”

Philosophy & Ideas

Conservative Thought in the Time of Covid 30th September 2021 Comments (0) Steven Kates With the arrival of Covid, and the reactions across the world which have involved locking down entire communities, this may be an appropriate time to have a look at what it means to be a conservative in relation to politics. ThereContinue reading “Philosophy & Ideas”

Resentment History and Cook’s Last Secret

30th September 2021 Comments (1) Michael Connor Contributing editor Terra nullius and Captain Cook are the Left’s founding grievances. In Truth-Telling: History, Sovereignty and the Uluru Statement, Henry Reynolds returns with familiar errors to undermine Australia’s sovereignty. He is serious and his book ends with threats. The foundation of his history cum warfare begins withContinue reading “Resentment History and Cook’s Last Secret”

Much Pain for Net Zero Gain

13th October 2021 Comments (6) Alan Moran It is this simple: skyrocketing world electricity prices stem from renewables policies. Notwithstanding the avalanche of propaganda we are seeing throughout the country, no wind or solar gets built anywhere in the world without subsidies paid by taxpayers and customers.  In Australia’s case these costs are $10 billionContinue reading “Much Pain for Net Zero Gain”

Insights from Quadrant

Shock! Horror!Perrottet is a Catholic 4th October 2021 Comments (4) As the dust settles after Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation and what is reported to be the imminent elevation of Dominic Perrottet to the post of NSW premier, Australia’s newsroom hacks thought they heard the faint tinkle of sanctus bells and made like Pavlov’s dogs, slobbering hintsContinue reading “Insights from Quadrant”

The Delta Variant Is Being Used to Hide the Real Casualty Numbers of the Covid Vaccine

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Friday, July 30, 2021 – 14:55. You are about to read a report which exposes the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people. There are no unnamed sources afraid to come out behind the shadows for fear of experiencing the loss of job or even the loss of life.Continue reading “The Delta Variant Is Being Used to Hide the Real Casualty Numbers of the Covid Vaccine”