Rowan Dean: We don’t need a Voice because we already have one

Flat White Rowan Dean Getty Images Rowan Dean 13 March 2023 4:00 AM As readers know, I occasionally like to be the bearer of good news and today I am delighted to tell you that I have just saved the federal government an absolute fortune, in fact, I’ve saved Jim Chalmers’ first proper budget literallyContinue reading “Rowan Dean: We don’t need a Voice because we already have one”

Twenty years a fool: My long journey home from the left

I blame it on the dining room table. When my mother died, I couldn’t get rid of it; no one in the family wanted a mid-Victorian mahogany table that could seat ten in considerable luxury. Bad karma I thought, remembering the spectacular arguments, wherein every night the most controversial subject imaginable was introduced for debate.Continue reading “Twenty years a fool: My long journey home from the left”

Sir Kenneth Clark’s ‘Civilisation’: a guide and celebration

Mervyn Bendle Quadrant Online 26th July 2020 Fifty-one years ago, when the first Apollo astronauts reached the moon, Sir Kenneth Clark (1903-1983), the eminent British art historian, was invited to the National Gallery in Washington DC to accept a medal for Distinguished Service to Education in Art. He had little idea of the frenzied crowdContinue reading “Sir Kenneth Clark’s ‘Civilisation’: a guide and celebration”

The Left’s Virulent and Triumphant Anti-Clericalism

Paul Collits Discussing the radical, inexorable and a times nasty secularisation of society, the late Cardinal Francis George of Chicago once famously lamented: I expect to die in bed, my successor for will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards ofContinue reading “The Left’s Virulent and Triumphant Anti-Clericalism”

How to verify for yourself that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines

Steve Bannon asked me to step you through it. I’ll do that and tell you how this is validated using independent methods and also why VAERS was deliberately set up to make all vaccines look safe. Definitions URF = VAERS underreporting factor. This is the ratio (# events that actually happen/# events reported in VAERS).Continue reading “How to verify for yourself that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines”

Videos from the Defeat the Mandates and Canadian truckers

On the VSRF call, a number of people asked about the videos we showed on the call. Here are those videos and a few more. Enjoy. Thank you to all the truckers, Southwest airlines pilots, Kyrie Irving, Novak Djokovic, Jonathon Isaac, Aaron Rodgers, and all the doctors, scientists, and healthcare workers who have the courageContinue reading “Videos from the Defeat the Mandates and Canadian truckers”

Ominous cloud formation similar to Turkey pre-earthquake appears in Argentina – is it next in line?

Feb 14 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews Another Mysterious Cloud… Argentina seeing the same type of lenticular cloud hovering in the Sky as Turkey…Turkey had a Massive 7.8 r Earthquake just over 2 Weeks after Hovering Cloud Siting???— 777 HERCULES 777 (@77HERCULES77) February 13, 2023 Editor: Some readers are now asking if this cloud willContinue reading “Ominous cloud formation similar to Turkey pre-earthquake appears in Argentina – is it next in line?”

The vast scale of Beijing’s high-tech balloon programme

World Ian Williams Sailors recover the spy balloon (Photo: Alamy) Ian Williams 11 February 2023 6:09 PM There will no doubt be some tense moments in the boardrooms of western technology companies over the coming days after the revelation that the Chinese spy balloon shot down after traversing the United States had western-made components withContinue reading “The vast scale of Beijing’s high-tech balloon programme”


Leading article Australia The Spectator Australia Getty Images The Spectator Australia 11 February 2023 9:00 AM Britain has become an irresistible target in recent times for sneering condemnation of its historical period of Empire, even in comments made by our own Foreign Minister, Labor’s Penny Wong. But she’s not alone. Another bizarre example of Empire-bashingContinue reading “Empire-bashing”

How the WEF is getting rid of farmers and fertiliser by eating insects and removing CO2

Sep 25 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews by staff writers The insect farmer representatives of the World Economic Forum addressed a meeting of 100 primary producers at Mareeba, Far North Queensland recently, feeding the crowd with bread made from 336 crickets and wheat flour. The WEF tentacles are spreading across the nation conditioning the population toContinue reading “How the WEF is getting rid of farmers and fertiliser by eating insects and removing CO2”

Liberals: look to Meloni for centre-right success

Flat White Rocco Loiacono Getty Images Rocco Loiacono 7 February 2023 4:30 AM Following the delivery of the Liberal Party’s post-election review, the Loughnane-Hume report, at the end of 2022, the former member for Wentworth Dave Sharma wrote: ‘As the movement for Italian unification gathers force, the young Sicilian aristocrat Tancredi tells his uncle, DonContinue reading “Liberals: look to Meloni for centre-right success”

We are the enemy of Big Tech, Big Money and Big Media! Together, let’s expose the lies of the enemy. Impart a little truth every day. Especially the Truth that Jesus Christ is Lord! Any support you can provide is greatly appreciated. We’re in this together. Together WE WILL WIN! Please support the fight. GIVEContinue reading “”

Pell’s silent support

Flat White James Parker Getty Images James Parker 2 February 2023 11:41 AM The funeral of Cardinal George Pell takes place today at Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, the mother church from where Pell guided the Catholic faithful of the Archdiocese of Sydney for thirteen years and often spoke fearlessly beyond its perimeters into theContinue reading “Pell’s silent support”

Jordan Peterson vs Klaus Schwab: who will ‘rule ze vrold’?

Flat White Flat White Screenshot from Jordan Peterson YouTube channel ( Flat White 1 February 2023 3:53 PM The best James Bond film plot in town was released yesterday when Canadian clinical psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson announced on Joe Rogan’s podcast that he intends to launch a new ‘global consortium’ in direct challenge to the World EconomicContinue reading “Jordan Peterson vs Klaus Schwab: who will ‘rule ze vrold’?”

Novak’s Churchill-esque victory speech

Flat White Dean Troth Getty Images Dean Troth 30 January 2023 12:56 PM Novak Djokovic has returned as the world’s number one tennis player. He was crowned King at Melbourne Park following his tenth Australian Open title on Sunday, January 29 after defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas. This makes him the first man in the Open eraContinue reading “Novak’s Churchill-esque victory speech”

The Most Popular Christmas Song NOT on YouTube.

A comment on the situation regarding the attacks on Iran: Israel is most likely carrying out those unprovoked attacks on Iran out of a desire to hide embarrassment at not being able to contain the most recent stabbings and shootings. Israeli politics are already usually a clown show, a banana country on steroids. The primeContinue reading “The Most Popular Christmas Song NOT on YouTube.”

Novak Djokovic: this trophy is yours, as much as it is mine

Flat White Alexandra Marshall Getty Images Alexandra Marshall 30 January 2023 1:48 AM I am normally patriotic about sport, but when Novak Djokovic handed Australian Alex de Minaur his arse in the fourth round at the Australian Open, I had to laugh. When Djokovic was asked why he thrashed de Minaur in brutal straight setsContinue reading “Novak Djokovic: this trophy is yours, as much as it is mine”

Putin Can’t Hold a Candle to Our Own Energy Wreckers

Peter Smith Frequent contributor My electricity usage for the latest quarter I have been billed, just a few days ago, was 14 percent less than for the same period last year. My bill was 21 percent higher. Simple arithmetic tells me that per kWh my charges have increased by about 25 percent in just oneContinue reading “Putin Can’t Hold a Candle to Our Own Energy Wreckers”