Foot and mouth disease on our doorstep

Jul 1 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews Australian vets in Indonesia help to contain a FMD outbreak affecting 200,000 cattle, calls to ban Bali holidays. by Clint Jasper, ABC In the winter of 2001, acrid plumes of smoke rose from the British countryside as millions of cows, sheep and pigs were incinerated in a desperate war against foot-and-mouth disease. Continue reading “Foot and mouth disease on our doorstep”


Daniel Andrews’ Aboriginal ‘Treaty’ Con Job 25th June 2022 Comments (10) James Bowen In 2019, the Victorian government of Premier Daniel Andrews announced it would set up a First People’s Assembly to prepare for “treaty negotiations” with Aboriginal “sovereign First Nations”. One can only assume that “sovereign First Nations” is another way to describe citizensContinue reading “Aborigines”

Risdon Cove: The Truth Massacred

22nd June 2022 Comments (11) Tony Thomas There’s nothing like a gruesome massacre story to get our woke folk writhing in white guilt, even if the “massacre” is sheer malarkey. The 1804 “massacre” at Risdon Point near Hobart is a case in point. On Australia Day January 26, 2011, called “Invasion Day” by its detractors,Continue reading “Risdon Cove: The Truth Massacred”


Traditional Culture is the Problem, not the Solution 27th June 2022 Comments (1) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant We owe this community an approach that honours the wisdom of the oldest living culture in the world, its elders and particularly the women. An approach that says: we believe in you. When Wik people return toContinue reading “Aborigines”

AVN still fighting in court for child victims of COVID vaccine pushers

Jun 27 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews From the AVNAUSTRALIA’S national vaccine-safety watchdog, the Australian Vaccination-risks Network, Inc (AVN), has filed an appeal in the Full Federal Court, seeking to overturn what AVN believes to be an erroneous decision by judge Melissa Perry, in denying both the organisation and their co-applicant, Mr Mark Neugebauer, legal Standing.Continue reading “AVN still fighting in court for child victims of COVID vaccine pushers”


Bogus Identity and Constitutional Change 20th June 2022 Comments (9) Keith Windschuttle Editor-in-chiefEditor, Quadrant In July 2000, Allen Appo of Bundaberg, Queensland, was charged in the Townsville Magis­trates Court with a breach of the Fisheries Act by illegally catching undersized and female mud crabs. He was represented by Townsville Aboriginal Legal Aid who arguedContinue reading “Aborigines”


We need to talk about Scotland Kevin Hague Nicola Sturgeon (Photo: Getty) Kevin Hague 18 June 2022 6:31 PM The Scottish government has published the first instalment of its new independence prospectus, a paper with the remarkably verbose title: ‘Building a New Scotland – Independence in the Modern World. Wealthier, Happier, Fairer: Why Not Scotland?’Continue reading World