In the final chapter of his latest book, John Howard gives his view on why the Morrison government lost this year’s election. Of course, there was the “it’s time” factor after nine years. But the government didn’t help itself, he said, by lacking a strong fourth term agenda and refraining from fight on lots ofContinue reading “TRANSCRIPT OF THE HON. TONY ABBOTT AC REMARKS TO THE MENZIES RESEARCH CENTRE”

Leading article Australia

The Senator v. the Voice The Spectator Australia Getty Images The Spectator Australia 3 December 2022 9:00 AM With any luck, Australia should have its first indigenous prime minister within our lifetimes and it will be a conservative one. Only a conservative government with indigenous leadership, and only one with integrity and bravery and trueContinue reading “Leading article Australia”

Steve Waugh: ‘The public has almost overdosed on cricket’

“For the fans and spectators, it is hard to make a connection because you’re not sure who is playing” ESPNcricinfo staff 28-Nov-2022 Steve Waugh feels that the cricket-watching public, at least in Australia, “has almost overdosed” on the game, and it has reached a point where the interest levels are on the wane. “There’s aContinue reading “Steve Waugh: ‘The public has almost overdosed on cricket’”


CPAC and its No-Show ‘Conservatives’ Peter O’Brien Just back from CPAC 2022 and thought I’d share a few highlights. In fact, incredibly, the whole show – the Conservative Political Action Conference, remember – started with a low light.  Yes, you guessed it.  They gave us an Aboriginal song and dance routine followed by a ‘welcomeContinue reading “QED”

Videos about the depraved Part 2

‘Utter disgrace’: Defence chief demands veterans surrender medalsAngus Campbell The chief of the Australian Defence Force has demanded senior officers justify why they should keep their medals or risk having them taken off them. General Angus Campbell has given the officers 28 days to prove their service was “distinguished”. It follows the release of theContinue reading “Videos about the depraved Part 2”

Flat White

Jordan Peterson: conservatism’s spiritual leader? Flat White Screenshot from Jordan Peterson YouTube channel ( Flat White 26 November 2022 4:00 AM Canadian political commentator and best-selling author Jordan Peterson – best known for helping young men put their lives back together – is in town. On Thursday, he spoke to an invite-only group of high-profileContinue reading “Flat White”

War thoughts-20/11/2020

Over the weekend I finished reading the Afghanistan Inquiry report. Below are my reflections—as promised—shaped by 5 years in the Special Air Service Regiment and now 5 years in the Commonwealth Parliament. Best, Andrew Hastie MP My Reflections On The Afghanistan Inquiry As published today in the Australian. Red rocky earth cut into our flesh,Continue reading “War thoughts-20/11/2020”

Australian Monarchist League

Make no bones about it, unlike the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Labor governments, the Albanese government has a Marxist agenda to create radical change. The major change it hopes to implement is to do away with the Crown as retribution for the Whitlam dismissal in 1975. If Labor had a realistic agenda for constitutional reform they would haveContinue reading “Australian Monarchist League”