New Italian PM Georgia Meloni vows to destroy the New World Order

Oct 1 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews by Kev Moore Anthony Albanese will not be flying over to Italy to congratulate its new prime minister – New Italian prime minister promises to defend Italy against Schwab’s WEF in rousing victory speech The new Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni vowed on Sunday in a rousing victory speechContinue reading “New Italian PM Georgia Meloni vows to destroy the New World Order”

Western Hegemony’s Collapse

“The collapse of Western hegemony is irreversible,” – V. Putin September 30, 2022Algora BlogLeave a comment Spread the Word via RT Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a historic speech on Friday at a ceremony in Moscow at which he signed treaties paving the way for the inclusion of four former Ukrainian regions into the RussianContinue reading Western Hegemony’s Collapse

Eastern Europe Awakening

Poland vs the West September 9, 2022Algora BlogLeave a comment Spread the Word The West is alien to Poland, acknowledged the leader of the ruling party of Poland Leader of the Law and Justice Party Jaroslaw Kaczynski announced the gap between Poland and the West during a speech at the Karpacz Economic Forum, reports WydarzeniaContinue reading Eastern Europe Awakening

Don’t walk on the grass in Germany

Aug 11 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews Letter to the Editor I lived in Germany for a year, and spent a fair amount of time with the Germans, but I soon noticed, how a large proportion of their population exhibited an equal admixture of intelligence, combined with downright naivety, often bordering on stupidity. On closer inspection,Continue reading “Don’t walk on the grass in Germany”

Who signed the warrant for the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid?

Aug 11 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews by Kev Moore The go-ahead for the unprecedented FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence was signed off on by a judge who, as an attorney, had represented associates of Jeffrey Epstein who were alleged to have assisted the wealthy pedophile in the trafficking of underage girls.Continue reading “Who signed the warrant for the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid?”

Brendan O’Neil Spiked Online 8th August 2022

This is not a defence of Alex Jones. You’ll have to go somewhere else for that. What Jones inflicted on the families of the slaughtered Sandy Hook kids is unforgivable. On his Infowars platform he ranted about the school massacre being a ‘false flag’ operation. It was a hoax, he said. The grief-stricken parents ofContinue reading “Brendan O’Neil Spiked Online 8th August 2022”

Saving Ukrainians from Themselves

Leaked Ukrainian Document August 6, 2022Algora Blog1 Comment Spread the Word Ukrainian channels are discussing what might be a leaked data from AFU General Staff: – The AFU are only 43-48% complete; – medical workers at the limit of their strength: the seriously wounded are transported to Europe; – small arms and bulletproof vests areContinue reading Saving Ukrainians from Themselves

Flat White

Don’t blame the unvaccinated Ramesh Thakur Getty Images Ramesh Thakur 31 July 2022 9:00 AM Deborah Birx was the White House Covid response coordinator under President Donald Trump. Jeffrey Tucker recently wrote a brutal takedown of her woeful interpretation of science and data designed to manipulate Trump into going along with her preferred but misguided policyContinue reading Flat White

Leaked database shows U.S. military disease skyrocketing after Covid-19 inoculations

Jul 30 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews Data leaked from the Defense Health Agencies Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) shows skyrocketing levels of disease among military personnel. Percentage Increase Over The Last Five Years to 2021- imagine where that is today? eart Attacks 269%Pericarditis 175%Myocarditis 285%Pulmonary Embolisms 467%Cerebral Infarction 393%Bell’s Palsy 319%Guillain-Barre 250%Immunodeficiencies 275%Menstrual Irregularity 476%MultipleContinue reading “Leaked database shows U.S. military disease skyrocketing after Covid-19 inoculations”

Love thy neighbour

Jul 29 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews Letter to the Editor In a world of “INFLUENCERS, Kosher THINK TANKS, GO FUND ME, “NO” PROFIT CORPORATIONS/ORGANIZATIONS, click for “donating a coffee” and religious charities that sell used, second hand donations a little cheaper than Kmart/Target to built fancy commercial stores on properties they own in felt everyContinue reading “Love thy neighbour”

Leading article Australia

Latter-day Luddites The Spectator Australia Getty Images The Spectator Australia 23 July 2022 9:00 AM Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio certainly has chutzpah. This week she demanded the Australian Energy Market Operator be given stronger powers to make sure that there’s enough gas in Victoria to keep the lights on. Queensland LNG exporters are beingContinue reading Leading article Australia

Military tanks protect Chinese banks which are now keeping private deposits as USD sinks under the waves

Jul 22 Posted by Editor, cairnsnews Chinese uprising – coming soon to a bank near you Tanks around banks by Alexandra Bruce Tanks are being put on the streets in China to protect the banks. This is because the Henan branch of the Bank of China declaring that people’s savings in their branch areContinue reading “Military tanks protect Chinese banks which are now keeping private deposits as USD sinks under the waves”