In February, 2019, approximately 500,000 cattle were killed by catastrophic flooding across north Queensland’s Carpentaria Gulf plains. The flood waters rose suddenly, forming a sea of water up to 70km wide. Record depths were reached along 500km of the Flinders River, submerging 25,000 square kilometres of country.To supplement a news report, when next he wentContinue reading “IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR!”

Traveler On the Backroads

LIFE HAPPENS IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE,HERE ONE MOMENT GONE THE NEXT.CHILDREN LIVE in the moment. They get right up Close and Personal with their surroundings and they interact with them: chasing butterflies, picking up leaves and rocks, hugging every creature they meet and then begging to bring it home. Busy living life, experiencingContinue reading Traveler On the Backroads

Spiritual Quotes & Beautiful Photographs ·

I am the breeze that kisses your cheek. I am the sun that warms your face. When you look at the purple evening sky, it is me. When you see a majestic mountain, it is me. When the birds sweetly sing,it is my voice. When the water gently laps against the shore, it is myContinue reading “Spiritual Quotes & Beautiful Photographs ·”

Lady Diana’s life in pictures

Slideshow 1/29 SLIDES © Getty Images Lady Diana’s life in pictures Over two decades after her shocking death, the far-reaching influence of the Princess of Wales remains. Her sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, have carried on her legacy, and to this day her loss is felt throughout the world.In honor of Lady Di, take aContinue reading “Lady Diana’s life in pictures”

Traveler On the Backroads

0tS86pt7oi2la9n0rt357huf02  · Listen. And you will hear the breeze brushing softly through the trees birds singing your heart beating your soul awakening God whispering. I made this for You .~ poem “Soul Awakening” by Michael Traveler, author/poet..about Author:This morning, I took a walk down by the river in the woods that hugs its banks. TheContinue reading Traveler On the Backroads