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The end of World War II on 9 May remains a big holiday in this part of the world. It reminds us how much of a blessing is a peaceful sky above us. Yet even in times of the bloodiest of battles, the Lord never abandons His children and works miracles for them. Here isContinue reading “Posted on May 11, 2022 | by Anastasia ParkhomchikReading time: 10 minutes”

D’Arcy Doyled’Arcy

William Doyle (19 November 1932 – 28 August 2001) was a painter of Australian landscapes and historical scenes.Personal lif8d’Arcy Doyle was born in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia on 19 November 1932 to parents Thomas Doyle and Marguerite McGrath. The family had an Irish Catholic working-class background and his father was a railway worker.[1] The family homeContinue reading “D’Arcy Doyled’Arcy”

Australia- -Land of Milk and Honey

MY Country Australia is a great country or the Australia of my youth was- Australians are laid back, welcoming to anyone and a place at the table was always found for those who dropped in to say hello-social occasions were mainly in house –people, family and friends would come for a visit and you wereContinue reading “Australia- -Land of Milk and Honey”

An Australian Christmas

An Australian Christmas: Henry Lawson Henry Lawson Quadrant Online 25th December 2020 Along by merry Christmas time they buy the aged goose,And boil the dread plum pudding, because of ancient use.But to sneer at old time customs would be nothing but a crime,|For the memory of the Past is all bound up in Christmas time.ThenContinue reading “An Australian Christmas”

The Life and Times of Henry Lawson

 Portrait of Lawson by John Longstaff, 1900, Art Gallery of New South Wales Waratah And Wattle Though poor and in trouble I wander alone,With rebel cockade in my hat,Though friends may desert me, and kindred disown,My country will never do that!You may sing of the Shamrock, the Thistle, the rose,Or the three in a bunch,Continue reading “The Life and Times of Henry Lawson”

Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Patterson

Anzac Role Our daily dose of country and continuing the story of a great Australian Banjo Paterson’s Forgotten ANZAC Role: One of the Least-Known Parts of His Life April 23, 2020/in Articles, Celebration and Events /by Rhema Central CoastBy: Annie HamiltonMain image: Australian bush poet A.B. ‘Banjo’ Paterson. Inset: Light Horseman Private Richard Harwell BryantContinue reading “Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Patterson”

Andrew Barton ‘Banjo” Patterson

Our daily dose of country The Man From Snowy River There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around That the colt from old Regret had got away, And had joined the wild bush horses – he was worth a thousand pound, So all the cracks had gathered to the fray. AllContinue reading “Andrew Barton ‘Banjo” Patterson”

Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson

Our daily dose of country Clancy Of The Overflow Clancy of the Overflow was one of the first poems I remember learning at primary school. I was only about nine at the time but something about the flow of the words and the picture they conjured up spoke to me and I’ve loved it everContinue reading “Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson”

Lennie Gwyther

It’s 1932 and Australia is in the grip of the Great Depression.One in three workers are unemployed.Decrepit shanty towns hug the outskirts of the big cities.A scrawny rabbit caught in a trap will feed a family for a week.Country roads are filled with broken men walking from one farmhouse to another seeking menial jobs andContinue reading “Lennie Gwyther”

Bleat! How Australia fell off the sheep’s Back

This is the final part of this series where our greatest income earner was broken by greed and politics there is also an input by the climate change loonies where they say that wool pollutes air ground and water -well I can dispute that as we ran two properties on either side of the DumaresqContinue reading “Bleat! How Australia fell off the sheep’s Back”

The Free Ride on the sheep’s back is over Series

It was 1951 and Australia’s economy was riding on the sheep’s back — the dawn of the Rolls Royce decade of wool, as it came to be known. A young international photographer found himself deep in northern New South Wales on Burren Burren station Francis Reiss was supposed to be learning about the wool trade.Continue reading “The Free Ride on the sheep’s back is over Series”

The free ride on the sheep’s back is over Series

For a century, the wool industry gave Australia one of the highest living standards in the world. The economy rode high on wealth from primary exports. By the 1950s, wool was synonymous with the Australian way of life. By the 1990s, the gap between city and country people was ever widening. What does the futureContinue reading “The free ride on the sheep’s back is over Series”

The Australian Larrikin Series

The Australian stereotype is intertwined with notions of larrikinism. It is a stereotype of a fundamentally good person that tests the boundaries of dubious rules. As defined by historian Manning Clark, “Soaring over them all is the larrikin; almost archly self conscious- to smart for his own good, witty rather than humorous, exceeding limits, bendingContinue reading “The Australian Larrikin Series”

The Australian Larrikin Series

It is one of their most cherished national traits, but Australians fear that larrikinism – a blend of rebelliousness and cheeky irreverence – is on the brink of extinction. There are few greater compliments in Australia than to call someone a larrikin – defined in the Macquarie Australian English dictionary as “a mischievous person”. LarrikinsContinue reading “The Australian Larrikin Series”

The Australian Larrikin Series

The great Australian larrikin: Myths, markets and moral panics Tony Smith Melissa Bellanta Larrikins: A History, St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 2012 (296 pp). ISBN 9-78070223-912-0 (paperback) RRP $34.95. Australians take an interest in their national identity for many reasons. European settlement is recent and so the blended nation perhaps remains in adolescence. WhileContinue reading “The Australian Larrikin Series”

The Australian Larrikin Series

Larrikin is an Australian English term meaning “a mischievous young person, an uncultivated, rowdy but good hearted person”, or “a person who acts with apparent disregard for social or political conventions”.[1] In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the term generally meant “a lout, a hoodlum”[2] or “a young urban rough, a hooligan”,[1] meanings whichContinue reading “The Australian Larrikin Series”