Kaylee Rodgers and the Killard House School choir

It’s hard to believe that a shy little girl with autism and ADHD could deliver the best version of this song along with a choir of special children from the Killard House School Choir – but that’s just happened with one of the most popular Christmas videos on the internet. Listen and you will understandContinue reading “Kaylee Rodgers and the Killard House School choir”

Christmas Prayers to Help Christians Celebrate Jesus’ Birthday

Originally posted on The Christian Tech-Nerd:
Take some time to reconnect with God and give thanks for our salvation in Christ with these powerful Christmas prayers. These Christmas prayers, whether you traditionally say a prayer on Christmas Eve or while sitting around the Christmas Day meal, will inspire everyone present to give thanks and rejoice.…

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Originally posted on Cairns News:
Christmas is a time for family,? a time for relaxing, a time to have fun with santa, presents, decorations, green trees, reindeer songs etc. Or so our increasingly pagan, materialistic culture would have us believe.? What is the real cause for celebration?  The Apostle John said it all. “For God…