Covid explained for TV addicts

Covid explained for TV addicts

Feb 7

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

by David Esplin

In answer to a query why the MSM cannot be believed

It boils down to this. It’s either a psyop being perpetrated by our governments or a psyop being perpetrated by those who want us to lose confidence in our governments. It’s impossible to determine which at this point. But I don’t think anyone could argue against it being a psyop either way and statistics are easy to falsify and spin. Trouble is, if our governments are being truthful with us then there’s several things they need to explain which they’ve made no attempt to:

Why haven’t they addressed the fact that an elaborate world-wide conspiracy / psyop has been perpetrated against all the governments and all the citizens of countries throughout the world?

Devious mainstream media has been programming the populous regions for decades

Why has the media never addressed any of our concerns about the governments’ inept response to this alleged pandemic? They’ve never once deviated from supporting the government agenda, you know, just like you’d expect if a government was using the media to spread propaganda and support the government’s fear campaign to create anxiety and compliance during a psyop (and given them financial incentives to spread fear porn and not ask any embarrassing questions)?

Why is it that the governments have all been in lockstep with one another in their approach to dealing with this alleged pandemic, something that’s been planned for over a decade?

Why is it that every single measure governments have implemented have been counter-productive in terms of dealing with a pandemic, unscientific, unconstitutional and a breach of the Nuremburg Code?

Why is it that no lab anywhere in the world has ever isolated Sars-CoV-2 yet we’re meant to just accept that this thing exists when flu miraculously disappeared for 2 years while they produced all the figures justifying the need to get vaccinated?

Why were test kits for Covid-19 being sold in 2018, 2 years before the alleged pandemic began?

Why was Fauci funding gain of function research at the Wuhan lab where this outbreak allegedly started?

Why is it that for the first time in history, governments called for a medical state of emergency when no actual emergency existed (given the 3.4% death rate quoted by the WHO was actually 0.002%). Why did they shut down economies, implementing measures which destroy small businesses, quarantined the healthy rather than just the unhealthy, banned proven and effective medications, falsified and confused statistics of those dying “with” covid and dying “of” covid, deemed asymptomatic rather than symptomatic people as cases, used a test (PCR) which is not only not fit-for-purpose according to its creator but can easily be manipulated to create up to 100% false positives and cannot distinguish between Sars-CoV-2 and the flu, vilified heathy people, falsely blaming them for spreading the virus, rushed through vaccines which aren’t vaccines, altered the definition of vaccines to make them qualify as vaccines, mandate that people wear masks when it’s been proven they’re ineffective and dangerous, mandate that everyone gets injected with an experimental and irreversible gene manipulator that alters 20 of one’s 23 chromosomes, that offers no protection from catching or spreading the virus and which destroys your immune system. Why did they ignore the fact that people’s natural immunity is orders of magnitude more effective at protecting a person than the so-called vaccine, ignore the fact that 99.98% of people recover from the virus putting it on par with a typical flu season, prevent doctors from providing information on the risks of the injection (thus preventing people giving informed consent). Why did they provide incentives for hospitals to test and treat for covid and have patients die of covid, arbitrarily close and open borders, provide incentives for people to not work, take measures to disrupt and destroy supply chains, delay treatment until it’s too late, provide zero advice on over the counter vitamins and minerals that could help people, encourage them to stay indoors so they run low on vitamin D, and so on.

I don’t know about you but I’d prefer to listen to the thousands of expert doctors speaking out about this than to politicians, bureaucrats spouting absolute nonsense.

You ask how it is that we don’t trust statistics which support the government narrative? Because statistics are easy to spin, especially when if someone is hospitalised or suffers adverse effects or dies within 14 days of receiving an injection, they are automatically deemed unvaccinated, even if they were previously fully vaccinated prior to that injection. That’s a very convenient way to hide the harm being caused by a vaccine, wouldn’t you agree, especially given the fact that most people suffer the harm within 14 days of being injected with it?

Then there’s the fact that the registers such as VAERS tend to be only account for as little as 1% of adverse events. But even going by official figures, the amount of harm being caused by all of these so called vaccines should have seen them withdrawn from the market immediately.

Our governments told us that children are at effectively zero risk of harm from Covid, yet once the vaccines were available they advocated first for 12 to 17 year olds then 5 to 11 year olds to take them, coercing parents to get them jabbed. Now the FDA in the US is in the process of approving them for children 6 mths to 4 years. And kids are suffering from things that only mature adults used to suffer from.

But according to you, anyone who is suspicious of the government agenda is crazy. Sorry, I’ll err on the side of caution thank you. Government is not your friend. Try harder to convince us. We’re open minded.#

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